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When planning to travel far, whether for vacations or business purposes, it is important that you choose a mode of transport. The most important thing in this situation is choosing a means of transport. This is because your safety is at stake. You must choose a safe, comfortable, and reliable means of transport to ensure the safety of your passengers. The most important factor is not only safety and comfort but also price. Hiace rentals are the best option.

Tangerang residents don’t need to be worried. There are many Tangerang rental companies that offer a variety of packages and will certainly suit your needs. Hiace Tangerang car rental service offers toyota car rental for trips inside and outside of the city. They can provide toyota car rental for an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Hiace Tangerang’s rental rates are very affordable. They offer a low price, along with free parking fees, fuel costs and driver fees. Hiace Jakarta rates for tangerang hiace rentals in the city or for shuttles is Rp. 800 million. Full day rental in Jakarta costs Rp. 1 million. This price includes fuel and driver.

Hiace Tangerang’s rental services offer security and comfort at very reasonable prices. The Toyota Hiace car’s safety system is designed to save fuel so that it doesn’t go waste. This car can load up to 70 liters and is more efficient than other cars. Finally, in the brake section, the car has very strong brakes. It can also hold the car in slippery or steep roads. Each passenger has a seat belt that is attached to their seat. The front has an airbag that opens automatically when the car is subject to a severe shock.

Toyota Hiace cars have a soft seat that can hold up to 15 people. However, it will not feel cramped. You will find that there is enough room between the seats for your feet so you won’t feel cramped or have to bend down to get your legs folded. Hiace Tangerang car rental offers excellent service. Toyota Hiace cars have AC, LCD TV, and USB for passenger comfort throughout the trip.


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