How to choose between Chandelier and Ceiling Fan for your living room?

Are you confused between what to choose to install in your living room – Chandelier or ceiling fan? Do you want your living room to look grand and royal and at the same time you do not want to compromise with the cooling effect of the fan? Although the choice is exclusively yours, we will try to sort out this confusion in the given article.

What is a Chandelier?

The chandelier is an ornamental light which is branched in shape and is fixed onto a ceiling or a wall. Generally, the chandeliers are used for decoration purposes and are composed of incandescent light bulbs. These bulbs consume a lot of power. Therefore, these days the chandeliers are composed of LED bulbs or fluorescent lights. Chandeliers are traditionally associated with the ancient and antique designs but nowadays they are also being made in the modern design to suit the interiors of the modern houses. You can explore a wide range of chandeliers online on the websites which sell home décor items. Traditionally the chandeliers had an array of prisms and the light given out by them was the refracted light. In the modern times, the use of prisms in the chandeliers has taken a backseat. Modern chandeliers illuminate the surroundings by the direct light or you can say they use LED bulbs and lights.

What is a ceiling fan?

Do you know that a ceiling fan can make you feel at a temperature that is 4-5 Fahrenheit lower than the actual room temperature? If you think that a ceiling fan cools your home then you are wrong. A ceiling fan provides its cooling effect to the people and doesn’t cause any change in the temperature of the room as such. You must be wondering how it happens that you feel cooler but there is no effect on the temperature around you. There is a simple logic behind this. The air around you moves due to the action of the fan. This circulating air touches the surface of your body and removes the heat from the region of the body known as the boundary layer.

A ceiling fan is an electrical appliance which is mounted on the ceiling of a room. The basic purpose of using a chandelier and a fan are absolutely different. A fan is used to provide its ‘cooling effect’ to the people living underneath. It works by circulating the air already present in a room. A ceiling fan can make you feel cooler by at least 4 degrees Fahrenheit. There are a wide variety of ceiling fans available in the market. With soaring temperatures, every summer ceiling fan has become a basic necessity in everyone’s life.

Choice between a chandelier and a ceiling fan

If you have to choose between the two you can consider the following points:

  • If you have a large spacious living room which can accommodate ceiling fans and the chandelier you can buy both of them. Install the chandelier in the centre and the fans surrounding it.
  • If your living room is compact then we would suggest you buy a ceiling fan with lights. it will fulfill your wish of having a chandelier and you will not have to compromise with the thought of having a fan too.
  • If you already have an AC installed in your living room and you want to get a chandelier, then we have a suggestion for you. You can use tower fans. They will be of use when the AC is switched off. Otherwise also turning on the tower fan will give more cooling of the AC. Read this to know more about the designer ceiling fans.