Four Tips for Flying with Toddlers

It’s an activity which new parents always dread – taking your baby or toddler on a family vacation. Whether it’s the classic scene from the movies where a baby cries the entire 14-hour flight, and everybody complains. However, the reality is much different – and much easier.


Here are some tips to get you started on your vacation.

Plan Your Flight Well

The worst thing that you can do when flying with a youngster is to fly in the morning. This is because they’re awake and ready for the day. Not ready to sit in a small chair for a long period. Instead, look for overnight flights or flights where your child would usually be sleeping.

I Think We Left It at Home

That’s something which you never want to say when you’re on an airplane with a baby. The night before, sit down and consider everything that you will need for the flight, and make sure that it’s packed.

To be extra sure, stick a list by your front door and have your partner double check it all as you leave.

Get Comfortable

Do you know who dresses up to fly anymore? Passengers flying first class. Unless that’s you, opt to wear something comfortable. The same goes for your baby. If you are stuck for ideas, check out the basics section of the Groupon Coupons page for Buy Buy Baby. The idea behind you both being comfortable is to relax the mood and your bodies.

Take Food and Drinks With You

Despite what people will tell you, you can take food and drink on the plane. Before you board, head to the paper store and pick up some drinks and snack food. While the onboard service will have food, you can’t leave it to chance.

Movies, Music, Anything!

If your child enjoys watching movies, load up your phone or tablet with a range of their favorites and let them have a movie night on the plane. When choosing your movies, be sure that they will play offline, that is, without an internet connection.

If they enjoy playing games, be sure to bring these along also. If you do opt for games, be sure they aren’t noisy or distracting to other passengers.